• Architectural Acoustics

  • Mechanical System Noise Control

  • Environmental Noise Control

  • Industrial Noise Control

  • Field Tests and Measurements

For over twenty-eight years, the firm of Robert J Cook Consultants has provided professional acoustical and noice control services to architects, engineers, government agencies and individuals. Based in Charlotte, North Carolina, the firm operates through the Eastern half of the United States.

Architectural Acoustics

  • Performing Arts Technologies with affiliation in:
  1.   Sound System Design
  2.   Video System Design
  3.   Stage Lighting and Rigging System
  • Recording Studio Acoustics
  • Large Assembly Hall Acoustics
  • Church Accoustics

Mechanical System Noise Control

  • Noise Control of the Mechanical System Space
  • System Vibration Isolation
  • Duct and Diffuser Noise Control
  • Evaluation of System Design for both NC and RC Noise Levels.

Environmental Noise Control

  • Site Testing for Noise Certification
  • Barrier Design for Noise Isolation
  • Noise Ordinance Evaluation and Expert Witness Testimony

Industrial Noise Control

  • OSHA Noise Compliance Studies
  • Noise Enclosure Design
  • Active Noise Control Engineering

Field Tests and Measurements

  • 1/3 Octave Real Time Spectral Analysis
  • Sound Transmission Certification